Refugee Women of the Auburn Creative Hub: Chandra

When Chandra arrived in Australia from Sri Lanka as a refugee she became involved with House of Welcome, the refugee community centre we are proud to support with the proceeds from prints we sell. Chandra is now a dedicated member of the Auburn Women's Creative Hub; an art group run by House of Welcome with refugee women in the community.

"The Craft Hub has helped me improve my english, it relaxes my mind and I have made good friends. When I'm at home it's easy to think of past problems in Sri Lanka, but when I go here the problems go."

The Auburn Women's Creative Hub, facilitated by House of Welcome, provides a space where refugee and non-refugee women can come together to learn and share creative skills, such as beading, knitting, sewing & crocheting, and make beautiful things. The women sell their wares each week at the Addison Road Community Markets, Marrickville. The hub comprises roughly 20 (ish) women from all nationalities & backgrounds, working together and sharing creative skills.

Chandra makes necklaces, earrings & bracelets. She has been part of the Creative Hub for a long time now and is teaching the other women how to bead. She also sells her jewellery at the Addison Road Markets, Marrickville, every week along with other women from the Creative hub and the craft, art & jewellery they create there. Chandra also volunteers with House of Welcome, travelling to schools to teach cooking classes and taking part in the Welcome Feasts project, a refugee cooking initiative of HoW. We are proud to support House of Welcome, so they can continue to support refugees and asylum seekers through projects like this. When you buy a print you are joining with us to tell women like Chandra they are welcome in our community.

"My future aspirations are to get a job; I want to start working, maybe in jewellery-making or cooking."

Above (left to right): At the creative hub; Chandra, Suma Pillai (House of Welcome), Facilitators (Auburn Creative Hub)

You can find more info about the Women's Creative Hub on their Facebook page here, or on the House of Welcome website.