New Stockist; 'Beautiful Pages' + Why They Want to Welcome Refugees

A select range of Welcome Studio prints are now available in the stunning Oxford Street design/concept store, Beautiful Pages. Not only do these guys sell way too many things we want (NEED) to buy, they have huge hearts and a big enthusiasm for welcoming refugees and asylum seekers in Australia. Tiana from Beautiful Pages tells us why:

Why is welcoming refugees in Australia important?

"We are lucky enough to live in a country that is very multicultural, and immigration has played a vital role in the success of Australia. I think it’s important to be supportive of refugees. I speak from personal experience when I say that life as a refugee is hard, and like many others, I am fortunate to now be able to call Australia home. Packing up and moving to a new country takes courage. It really strengthens you as a human being. I believe that most refugees are good, hard-working people that have had bad experiences in life and as a result, have tried their very best to build a new life for themselves and their families. Not only do refugees offer unique contributions to our communities, but by welcoming them we highlight and build a culture of acceptance and tolerance."

Tell us about your shop and why you love 'Beautiful Pages'

"Beautiful Pages launched in June 2011 as an online design store. Our physical shop space opened a little over a year later in August 2012. Through Beautiful Pages I wanted to create a graphic design store where Australian designers could go to be inspired. A creative space that both students and professionals could visit and easily purchase products that would fuel their imagination. Beautiful Pages was originally a collection of fifty books that had inspired me throughout my graphic design career. The store has now become a very carefully curated collection of over 3000 design-related books, magazines, posters, DVDs and gifts – all selected by graphic designers – for graphic designers. Every product we stock needs to be beautiful, but most importantly must be well written, inspirational and carry an important message. The current selection contains both classic and new publications, many of which have become very important building blocks of design history."

Tania Vasiljev, owner of Beautiful Pages

Why partner with Welcome Studio?

"We love what the project is all about and the important message that the studio carries. I immediately knew we had to take part. I believe that as creatives we should all give back to our communities the best way that we can, and love what the artists involved with Welcome Studio have created." / 114 Oxford St. Darlinghusrt, Sydney