Messages of Welcome on Australia Day

This Australia Day, Welcome Studio and Muralisto came to Parramatta Park to bring Welcome Walls to the public, and create a conversation of inclusivity in the community for the Parramatta Australia Day celebrations. Artists and festival goers came together to collaboratively paint two murals of welcome on temporary hoarding. One mural was a celebration of the asylum seekers, refugees, travellers and migrants who call Australia home, designed by Xander Zee. The other, a very important welcome indeed, a welcome to country from indigenous artist Aroha Groves. Throughout the day, many little and big hands helped to create these murals and while they painted, we heard the the messages they felt most important to share on Australia Day.

"This is a safe place" - Tess

"I just hope that refugees can find peace in Australia and that one day are able to call it their home because that's what it is to me and it would be great to share that experience with new people." - Katherine

"To anyone looking to come to Australia you are completely welcome here, we have such a diverse culture and a free land so all I would like to say is... welcome." - April

"Well I'm painting an eye so I'd like to say that we are watching out to make sure that you are safe." - Will

"Dream big and follow your dreams." - Sri

"Australia is a peaceful country and it's very friendly, everyone has welcomed us for good." - Karvin and Tharun