Welcome Walls: so what did we actually do...

Welcome Walls has wrapped up for 2017. We’ve been busy with this over the past few months and wanted to share with you a little of what we’ve been up too.


A community initiative where street artists and refugee artists come together to collaborate on designs and paint public murals across Western Sydney. The project spread a positive message of welcome towards refugees and people seeking asylum, to celebrate diversity and project the voice of new Australians.

We partnered with our friends at Muralisto to make this happen.


City of Parramatta Council invited us to come along and paint a pop-up mural at the Parramatta 'Refugee Welcome Zone' Declaration Ceremony. Attendees from Council, refugee community organisations, community leaders and the public got creative and painted messages of welcome on the wall to new Australians.

This was a fun little mural and gave Parramatta a sneak peak of what was coming with Welcome Walls.


Welcome Studio & Muralisto led a co-design workshop with street artists and refugee artists at Information & Cultural Exchange. It was amazing to watch each group collaborate, throwing together ideas and creating mural designs that left us inspired.


On Australia Day, Welcome Studio and Muralisto came to Parramatta Park to bring Welcome Walls to the public, creating a conversation of inclusivity in the community. Artists and festival goers were invited to help us paint two pop-up murals.

One mural was a celebration of the people seeking asylum, refugees, travelers and migrants who call Australia home, designed by Xander Zee and Atefeh Hekmat. The other mural was painted by Indigenous artist Aroha Groves, symbolising a welcome to country to new Australians.

Many little and big hands helped create these murals and while they painted, we read and heard the messages they felt most important to share on Australia Day.


Three giant murals were painted in Western Sydney:

16 Hunter St, Parramatta: A beautiful collaboration between our artists and women from the Westmead Community Arts Hub. This mural celebrated the Australian and Indian cultures of the women involved coming together, featuring traditional Warli Art.

Artists: Sally Conwell, Katherine Nelson, Sonali Sawant-Gawade, Anamika Kishore, Anuradha Jayaseelan, Devi Prasad, Smitha Pv, Latha Seeniraj, Neelima Sandeep Jagtap, Shubhangi Kapare

22 Hunter St, Parramatta: Telling the story of peace and unity through universal symbols of peace, this mural is also a celebration of the natural world that we all share and hold common.

Artists: Xander Zee (Knoswet), Dan Cydes, Atefah Hekmat, Sourosh Cina, Maryam Montazerolghaem

Liverpool Girls High School: This mural was designed in collaboration with some of the incredible girls from Liverpool Girls High, highlighting the uniting strength and power of women from all over the world.

Artists: Lotte Smith, Lily Keenan, Jibriel Perez, Ashwa Al Kalmashi, Rooan Al Kalmashi


Our sincerest gratitude goes out to Parramatta City Council, Taubmans, Ironlack, Kenards, Paddy Pallins, Westfields, EcoWorld, our artists and everyone who gave a helping hand.

Without you, we couldn’t have made this happen.

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